Founders Bank “Liftoff” Campaign Launched

Founders Bank “Liftoff” Campaign Launched

“Liftoff” is Founders Bank’s new campaign intended to inspire conversation with locally owned businesses, nonprofits, and business leaders. The campaign marks the continuation of the bank’s expansion in the greater Washington area.

The “Liftoff” feather illustrates our core values (R.I.S.E.), explained below:

Respect. Innovate. Service. Experience.

Our brand values ensure we continually contribute to the development of more robust, vibrant, and resilient communities, fostering social and economic progress for all residents, and elevating local businesses.

“We are aiming to reach the communities of founders, business leaders and the strategic decision-makers across the real estate, professional services and non-profit sectors. Our value proposition is designed to fit a variety of local enterprises that are poised for growth but may have experienced the limitations that come with dealing with big banks such as a lack of relatability, bureaucratic or technology hurdles, or inability to provide access to the leaders in the community,” said Founders Bank, CEO, Martin McCarthy.

How Founders Bank is built for business:


Our team is accessible and has first-hand experience in building meaningful relationships.


We are responsive, knowledgeable, and approachable, in-person or online. We use the latest technology removing the friction associated with legacy banks.


Our creative solutions to financial problems satisfy the needs of most businesses.


We serve the early risers, the disruptors, and the innovators in the greater Washington area.