About (Backup)

Our Mission & Values


To build stronger communities.

At Founders Bank, when we talk about communities, we mean anywhere our company and employees can have a positive impact.  These communities include:

  • Customers – By being a trusted partner delivering financial solutions that foster stability and growth, our customers grow stronger.
  • Team – Creating opportunities for our employees, shareholders, and business partners through a strong entrepreneurial culture.
  • Neighborhoods – Engaging with and supporting those organizations and leaders that are helping to build stronger communities where our customers and team live, work and play.

Core Values – “R.I.S.E.”

Respect: Unwavering commitment to integrity and professionalism in how we approach teamwork, customer experience and connection to our community.
Innovate: Continually striving to enhance the customer experience.
Service: Engage with and support the communities that we serve.
Experience: Build long term relationships and deliver excellent customer outcomes.

As community banks have been acquired, small and medium sized businesses have been left with fewer local banking choices they can trust.

Our fresh platform allows the latest technology without the hurdles of legacy systems, removing the friction associated with legacy banks.

Commercial clients need access to bank executives who can respond to all of their banking needs. Our management team is accessible and has first-hand experience in building meaningful relationships.

Local experience and knowledge of the market really makes a difference. We have decades of local market knowledge and involvement, right here in the Greater Washington area.

You need someone in your corner who’s been through it all. With almost a century of combined experience, we’re your team.

In times of calm or times of crisis, our creative solutions to fiduciary problems will be sure to satisfy your every need.